Laurent Lisimachio

Laurent Lisimachio

Laurent Lisimachio is a Principal at Gensler, a global Architecture and Design firm. Based in the firm’s New York office, Laurent has over 15 years of experience designing retail, corporate interiors and education projects. Laurent is passionate about sustainability which is an integral part of his designs. Always ready to share his personal approach and design process with others, he is a mentor to younger staff in the office. In addition, he serves as the Design Director for Gensler’s Costa Rica office, leading the interior design of major workplace projects in Central and South America. He recently completed the design of the new Gensler office for 60 employees in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Since joining Gensler in 2000, Laurent has developed a breadth of experience collaborating with large teams on complex projects. Laurent’s unique international background has played an integral role in his work on global projects for Gensler, and allows him a more global view on Architecture and Design. He received his degree in Architecture from Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture (DESA) in Paris, France and also gained design experience working in France with clients such as LVMH and Alain Ducasse.

A firm believer in the mission of Charter Schools, Laurent sits on the board of trustees at Elysian Charter School in Hoboken, NJ. Elected in 2009 as a board member, Laurent has lent expertise and experience to one of the school’s major challenges, which surrounds the funding and financing of their facilities. Currently part of the Education Studio in New York, he has extended his reach on projects including Universities and Schools.

Laurent is widely recognized as a significant design force across the firm at Gensler.