Jseph Sirangelo

Dr. Joseph Sirangelo

Dr. Joseph Sirangelo has over 41 years of experience in urban public schools. Currently the Director of Planning, Research, and Evaluations at the Hudson County Schools of Technology (HCST) in North Bergen, New Jersey, Dr. Sirangelo has utilized his thirty years of school administration to help the HCST District achieve success. As a facilitator of numerous workshops in Strategic Planning, Technology Planning, and Collaborative Action Research, Dr. Sirangelo continually encourages teachers and staff to implement innovative practices and techniques that keep the HCST district competitive in the 21st Century. During his tenure in the district, HCST has been featured in New Jersey Monthly Magazine, Family PC Magazine, and was awarded Three Star School Awards. Prior to his work at HCST, Dr. Sirangelo earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management from St. Peter’s College in Jersey City. Dr. Sirangelo has also served as an Associate Professor and as the Coordinator of the Data Processing Department at the Hudson County Community College and currently holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Columbia University and a Doctorate of Education from Nova University.